Nitrila Kaŭĉuko Bonded Cork Sheet

Nitrila Kaŭĉuko Bonded Cork Sheet

Nitrilaj Kaŭĉuko Bonded Cork La foliaĵoj de folioj estas fabrikitaj surbaze de korkaj grunduloj kaj diversaj specoj de kaŭĉukaj komponaĵoj NBR, SBR. La materialo akirita estas ekstreme fleksebla, Fortika kaj imuna al graso, Oleoj, Karburaĵoj, Gasoj kaj multaj aliaj kemiaĵoj.

Modelo:KXT N602

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Nitrile Rubber Bonded Cork Sheet material sheets are manufactured on the basis of cork granules and various types of rubber
compounds NBR, SBR. The material obtained is extremely flexible, durable and resistant to grease, oils, fuels, gases and
many other chemicals.
Sheets of cork rubber are dedicated to all applications where low or medium pressure is applied. Depending on requirements,
the compounds are modified to obtain a product with optimum technical parameters and strength for a particular application.
The material of rubber cork sheets is produced in a multistage process of combining natural cork aggregate with an appropriate
blend. Using special moulds blocks are obtained, from which mats of different sizes and thickness from 1 to 10 mm are
subsequently produced.

Depending on the purpose they may have the following parameters:

- density:900-1.25 kg / m3
- hardness:30-90 Shore
- compression: 8-60 % (at 400 psi)
- tensile strength: 0,5-3,5 MPa
- operating temperature: -40 – 175 °C

We offer, in stock, cork-rubber sheets in the format: 1000x1000mm, in thicknesses from 1 to 5 mm, from the largest China cork

manufacturer, Kaxite Cork Composites. For many years they have been successfully used in the following areas:

- engine gaskets

Machine industry
- vibration isolation and seals

Electronics and electrical engineering
- spacers, gaskets, vibration isolation

Gas Industry
- reinforcing seals

- continuous footing vibration insulation
- protection of devices against vibration
- expansion joints and building spacers

Wood industry
- manufacture of plywood finishing

- orthopaedic insoles