Cork Folio

Cork Folio

Kaxite Cork-folio estas farita el pura granulada korko miksita kun rezino ligilo, Kiu estas kunpremita por formi nigran, Dividita en foliojn.

Modelo:KXT B601

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Kaxite Cork sheet is made from clean granulated cork mixed with resin binder, which is compressed to form black, split into sheets.


Typical Application
> Made for gaskets, cork underlayment, surface of notice board
> Proof, sound proof, heat insulation


Prime Features
> Natural
> Free of formaldehyde, eco-friendly
> good resilience, good resistance to water, oil and solvents, good compressibility,etc


Technical Data
(Distinguish from granule grade) according with the standard ISO4714

Cork sheet (Granule grade) Small Middle Big
Granules size (1/inch) 30~60 12~24 8~12
Tensile strength kg/cm2 8 12 8
Compressibility 100psi load % 15~40 10~30 15~40
Recovery % 75 65 75
Flexibility multiple 15 12 15
Boiling water resistance hour 3 5 3
Distinguish from density
Density Low Middle High
Kgs/m3 270 320 380


950x640mmx0.8~100mm (Untrimmed)
915x610mmx0.8~100mm (Trimmed)
Package: Carton Box
Other sizes on requirements.

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