Cork Rubber-Folio

Cork Rubber-Folio

Kaxite Cork-goma folio estas farita per uzanta granulada korko kaj sinteza kaŭĉuko polimero kaj iliaj helpantoj. La korko miksis materialon kiel neopreno kaj nitrilo, Silikono, Vitono, Ktp. Bonvolu kontakti kun ni por helpi vin kun viaj korkaj kaŭĉukaj folioj bezonoj.

Modelo:KXT B602

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With professional cork rubber sheet factory, Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China cork rubber sheet manufacturers and suppliers.

Cork Rubber Gasket Sheet 

Style KXT B602 Cork Rubber Gasket Sheet  

Cork Rubber Gasket Sheet material sheets are manufactured on the basis of cork granules and various types of rubber

compounds NBR, SBR. The material obtained is extremely flexible, durable and resistant to grease, oils, fuels, gases and

many other chemicals.

Cork rubber gasket sheet are dedicated to all applications where low or medium pressure is applied. Depending on 

requirements, the compounds are modified to obtain a product with optimum technical parameters and strength for a 

particular application. The material of rubber cork sheets is produced in a multistage process of combining natural cork 

aggregate with an appropriate blend. Using special moulds blocks are obtained, from which mats of different sizes and 

thickness from 1 to 10 mm are subsequently produced. 



• combines the compressibility and recovery characteristics of cork with the

flexibility and shelf life of rubber

• Excellent product for sealing applications

Good for poor quality flange

• Quick delivery and good price


• Good for sealing gaskets

• spacers, gaskets, vibration isolation

• Expansion joints and building spacers

• Gas industry of reinforcing seals

• Vibration isolation and seals

• Oil., etc 


Main Specification:


Graded by hardness

Hardness:  Shore A



Density: g/cm3



Tensile Strength: kg/cm2



Compressibility (% 300psi load)



Compressibility (% 300psi load)


Internal Pressure(max)


Service Temp(max)